Recently I delved back into the world of iOS development, and really needed to get up to speed with the operation of the framework in a short amount of time, especially teaching myself Swift, understanding its syntax flow in comparison to Java. Also to experiment with many popular 3rd party libraries that I would assume many developers would be using to handle tasks such as communicating with API’s, and caching downloaded images.


On Android I primarily develop with MVP, utilising RxJava, Dagger as my core architecture libraries, so I attempted to apply this refined knowledge from developing multiple large apps over the last few years, to the iOS side of things, and took a basic iOS MVC app which I converted to MVP, and then re-create it in Android, both sharing identical extensible business logic layers.


I couldn’t find any iOS resources which combined all of these concepts into a single project, let alone a project comparing the Android and iOS frameworks with these core architecture libraries included, to enable developers who build against either platform to transition across to the other in a manner where framework syntax is the primary barrier.


The Android project

The iOS project


For those who are trying to understand the fuss of Rx and Dependency Injection on the Android side of things, you can loosely use this guide as an abstraction of how the main layers connect together.


I hope this helps many other mobile developers out there! 🙂