IT Systems Solutions

Get the most out of your setup

With fifteen years of experience in building, repairing, and maintaining computer systems, all systems designed will be catered specifically to your needs and with the best performance available for your setup. All systems are designed with a modern approach to appearance, simultaneously maintaining peak performance and efficient airflow.


Personal Computer Design & Maintenance

From designing the perfect PC for getting that CAD designed rendered much faster, or gaining that extra FPS boost to hold a steady framerate in your favourite shooter, all computers built from the ground up will be tweaked to ensure you get the most out of your setup so you can get your work done faster! On-top of designing you the perfect system, computer maintenance is additionally available if your computer is bogged down with viruses everywhere, or simply needs a spring-clean tuneup!

Small Business Computer Design & Network Infrastructure

Your small business can benefit from an integrated solution to allow easy maintenance and sharing of network services between your employees. With experience in maintaining computers systems and managing network infrastructure, a Windows Server and Active Directory environment can be the strong backbone of your business systems to ensure an efficient environment and a powerful approach towards organisation of your services.

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