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An App Store that can provide a channel of strong ROI

For a group of smartphones & tablets that only make up one quarter of the devices used globally, users are still inclined to purchase apps from the App Store because of how well it is received as a genuine and secure online shop. People just know they are more than likely to get their bang for their buck. Having researched the market and understood the important selling models used to get the best return of investment out of a release, enables me to give you a solid direction as to how your app and its features should be made available to users.

Scalability Between Devices

One of the greatest areas when aiming to market your app through both the iPhone and iPad channels, is that it is not a difficult process to make an app to look just as great on an iPad as what it would on an iPhone! Understanding the benefits involved from a technical perspective and also from a general user perspective, enables me to accurately optimise the experience of your idea.

Maximum Experience

Taking advantage of a platform that is visually appealing, sharp, and fluid out of the box, enables you to incorporate powerful things into your app and back in its reliability when under heavy use. As a result users will remain upbeat at the processing rate of tasks within the app, and will continue to use it without an issue. Having experience in a number of in-house apps to compare fluidity between devices running iOS7 & iOS8, all apps I create will remain as best fluid as possible for a user of any modern iDevice, even for those who are still using iPhone 4/4S or iPad 2: a user group spanning the last 5 years!

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