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Market Share

With around three out of four mobile devices currently being used around the world featuring the Android operating system, it is well established that Android devices dominate the market. With such a large market available to you, there will always be users who will be willing to try a new app that might help improve their day in one way or another! I keep up to date with current market trends and will provide you advice to your ideas, to ensure you are ahead of the game.


Material Design Inspiration

With Google’s release of Lollipop, signifying the 5th major release of their Android operating system, a new Design Specification was created completely from scratch, to modernise the interfaces of devices running Android and unify the experience between the large variety of devices. All apps created will be designed in such a manner that would adhere to this spec and promote a beautiful interface and intuitive user experience.

Modern Device Support

Due to Google’s fragmented update process for all mobile devices, there are literally hundreds of various devices running different versions of Android across the world. This means that when converting your idea into an interface for the app, there are many facets that need to be considered to ensure your app will reach as many devices as possible. The apps I design and release will run on any modern smartphone and tablet from the last four years!

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