My Services


Creating something special to solve an existing issue, or simply to introduce something to the world that we never knew we needed in the first place, is a very exciting opportunity to be the end of. Rather than being intimidated and lost in the technicalities involved to make that idea a reality, I am able to help step you through the process, so you only need to worry about what is shown to yourself and/or the consumer!

Android Development

Develop your idea into a service for the Android Phone, Tablet and Watch masses. Beautifully designed with the latest Material Design spec from Google, have your app released to the Google Play Store to be downloaded and used!

iOS Development

With iPhone and iPad being the worlds most adopted phone & tablet, share your idea with those who favour Apple’s eco-system of devices, and make your app available to the Apple App Store for both form factors of device, with the latest Flat design utilised in iOS7 & iOS8.

Website Development

Promote your service with the latest cutting edge web technologies, that will ensure your website will be smoothly presentable on a desktop and large range of mobile devices & tablets. With a modern approach to design and optimisation for important search engine rankings, visitors will be drawn in and be surprised about its simplicity to use.

IT Systems Solutions

Designing a new PC with the latest technologies, or designing the schematics for computer integration into a small business, be assured that the solution will be pinpointed to the exact needs to ensure computer spend-age is appropriate. Maintenance and Repair services can be provided to maintain efficiency and fluidity in day-to-day use.