About Me!


Hi there, I’m Michael!

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to view my personal website, to be able to get a little more understanding about who I am, and what I am able to achieve and deliver for you.

I am a recently graduated Software Engineer from Swinburne University. With a few years of IT industry experience already under my belt, I am a professionally driven person that wishes to deliver great results from the hard work I put in. In early 2015 I co-founded a Mobile App & Web Development agency FrontPocket, with Martyn Hole & Mark Fulton, to tackle large-scale oriented projects.

I am very passionate about the experience that is able to be delivered over the web, whether that may be from Apps or Mobile-friendly Websites, as I consider the both of these as the focal point of the mobile industry for at least the next decade. I am also tech savvy with designing, building and repairing computers, with almost two decades of keeping in touch with current trends and effective solutions.

Based in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, distance is no major issue for me as I am able to catch up for a coffee to discuss your idea and where you would like to go from there. I’m definitely not an intimidating person that is difficult to understand, but I’m very easy going with communicating ideas to the vast majority that are non-IT-lingo familiar! That said, feel free to take a look at my previous work via the Portfolio tab at the top, and jump on to my LinkedIn profile via the “in” button at the bottom of this page, to view a more detailed version of my Previous Work and Experience! 🙂

Michael Tigas

Michael Tigas


My Passions


Intuitive App Experience

An app that is easy to understand and use, for the correct user group, is first and foremost important. Users will be annoyed and pushed away from an app that is difficult to understand and operate, and may not return after an unimpressive first use. First impressions are very important.

Elegant Interface Appearance

Whether it may be in the form of a native app for a mobile device, or a desktop optimised website, there is nothing more appealing than viewing something that has the basic visual fundamentals incorporated effectively. Deliberate colour choices, with visual cues to reflect what is seen in person, assist in providing a vivid design that is sharp and will more than likely lead to a more pleasant experience for the user. Think non-cluttered, Flat User Interfaces and Material Design.

Modern Design Architecture

I love a Website that is up to date with modern design architecture. Today for websites, this mostly may be in the form of responsive web design that scales well between Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices, and alters in appearance appropriately between various mobile devices. I wish to be able to work as effectively on a mobile phone as I would on a PC, to efficiently get things done whilst on-the-go.