Michael Tigas

Mobile App Developer, Web Developer & IT Enthusiast


My name is Michael Tigas, a freelance Mobile App Developer, Web Developer & IT Systems Enthusiast, based in Melbourne, Australia, and co-founder of FrontPocket.

I have a strong foundation in Information Technology through experiences on a professional and non-professional basis. My passion is to innovate and develop effective solutions that tackle real-world problems, fuelled by my entrepreneurial interest in following the Startup scene worldwide, and being at the coalface of this enthralling environment.

My Services


Android Development

App Development for the Android platform, to enable you to share your idea with users through the Google Play store ecosystem.

iOS Development

App Development for the iOS platform, to promote your idea with users of iPhone, iPad and iPod, via the Apple App Store.

Website Development

Modern & Responsive Website Development to suit the needs of your business, with Search Engine Optimisation.

IT Systems Solutions

General computer system design, maintenance, and repairs for Home and Small Business solutions.

Creating solutions to help Australians connect to the world.

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